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UPDATE: BMR Has Confirmed Here that Their Network Has Indeed Been De-Indexed

Are Private Blog Networks Dead?

First of all, its pretty rare that the head of web spam team would come out and say essentially, “We are keeping an eye on blog networks because we don’t like them”.  So, this makes it pretty clear (if you didn’t know already) that Google doesn’t like links originating from blog networks.  And of course, I have personally advocated in the past for using Unique Article Wizard, MyArticleNetwork, and BuildMyRank via my Ultimate Linkbuilding Post here. So, here is my chance to qualify that.

Other Private Blog Networks include (and there are MANY others):

  • Unique Article Wizard
  • MyArticleNetwork
  • BuildMyRank
  • BlogBlueprint
  • LinkVana
  • Article Marketing Automation
  • ArticleRanks
  • SEOLinkMonster (some claim this new service has already had massive deindexing).
  • RankJumpers (Just learned about this one from Tom’s recent post at LeavingWorkBehind.com)

This list of private blog network could go on and on.  In addition, there are a whole host of blog networks that are truly private to the owners and are not open and never will be open to other users.

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