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不建議加入Pure Leverage

最近又有人問我Pure Leverage適不適合加入,Joseph簡短的答案是:我不建議!


Product Name:  Pure Leverage
Joel Therien
Overall Rank:
15 out of 100
Verdict: SCAM!

Pure leverage review

其實你到pure leverage的網站一看,不用花多少時間,你就會發現這是多層次行銷 (multi-level marketing, 簡稱MLM),講直白一點就是拉人賺錢的網賺。當然,要拉人賺錢,總是要給點甜頭的,pure leverage給的就是一些基本的行銷指引。

然而,以$24.95的月費來說,這樣似乎很划算,但重點是:pure leverage的商業模式並不可靠。以拉人賺錢的網賺,Joseph已經評論過很多次了,就是個網賺的美夢而已。pure leverage其實就像是另外一個empower network, 裡面會提供一些東西給你,但東西的質量堪憂。就像有使用者說:

I had first-hand experience with Pure Leverage as it is my first ever auto-responder that I’ve tried and I was totally dissapointed with their service.

It’s extremely slow, it crashes from time-to-time and the video tutorials are outdated but the most annoying part that really upsets me is their customer service.

I’ve been sending countless tickets to ask but none replied until I decided to cancel my membership and that’s when decided to reply me which shows only one thing – They’re more concerned on getting money out from you. They also will try to upsell you stuff whenever you log in which gets really annoying after some time.

Any product that has something to do with Russel and Joel Therien is a no-no. Glad to have found your review Kyle! And it’s a great one too, I hope this wards off many other people from getting tricked like me.